50 seconds to your first CREATE TABLE statement

Do you want to develop an application and need a database? Create an Oracle Autonomous Database, download the Client Credentials, connect to the database, and create your first table, all in 50 seconds. Without pre-installing any tools.

Open the Cloud Shell in your Cloud Console and execute the following few lines after adjusting the values as needed:

ADB_OCID=$(oci db autonomous-database create --compartment-id $COMPARTMENT_OCID --db-name ADBYYZ --cpu-core-count 1 --data-storage-size-in-tbs 1 --admin-password MySecretPW_123 --db-workload OLTP --display-name ADBYYZ --license-model BRING_YOUR_OWN_LICENSE --is-auto-scaling-enabled true | jq -r '.data.id')
oci db autonomous-database generate-wallet --autonomous-database-id $ADB_OCID --file adbyyz.zip --password MySecretPW_123
echo "
set cloudconfig /home/sinan_petr/adbyyz.zip
connect admin/MySecretPW_123@adbyyz_high
create table mytable (id number);
" | sql -S /nolog

That’s it! Just start developing! Autonomous! Multi-model! SQL! Data Modeler! REST! JSON! APEX! Machine Learning! Graph Studio! Data Load! and much more… Everything you need to get started!

I want to import an existing Schema instead

No worry, all you need is still only your web browser.

I don’t have an Oracle Cloud Account

We need to change that! Now!

Register for the Free Tier and get two Autonomous Databases for free forever, along with many other resources.

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