Sinan Petrus Toma
Principal Product Manager at Oracle

Sinan Petrus Toma

As the blog title reveals, I’m passionate about Oracle Database and Oracle Cloud Technologies.

As Product Manager for Multicloud Mission-Critical Database Deployments at Oracle, I support Oracle’s customers and partners to find solutions that meet Oracle’s high availability and scalability standards for mission-critical databases in multicloud environments.

Before joining Oracle, I worked as Oracle DBA, mainly managing RAC databases and looking for heartbeats. In my 12+ years of business experience, I have been dealing with databases all the time.

I love traveling (it must be at least 8 hours by plane to count as such), being at the beach, and drinking a beer, or two.

Let’s also connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Have a nice day!

Awards & Certifications

  • Employee of the Year FY20 – EMEA Solution Engineering Hub at Oracle
  • Spot Award for exceptional performance, commitment, outstanding agility and extra-dedication at Oracle
  • Recognition Award Q2FY21 – German Technical Cloud Engineering at Oracle

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