White Papers

This is a collection of Oracle technical white papers categorized by topic. There is no claim to completeness. If you are aware of further ones that should be listed, please let me know.

Sometimes the URL changes, the site is broken, or just disappears somehow? Do you sleep better when having everything on disk? Then Download all white papers listed below as a zip file (114 MB). I’d always recommend checking the online version as these might get updated, but just in case, I prefer having a copy in my notebook.

Autonomous Database

Exadata Cloud and Cloud@Customer

Database Migration

Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA)

Real Application Clusters (RAC)

(Active) Data Guard

Hybrid Disaster Recovery

Application Continuity


Database Consolidation


Edition-Based Redefinition

Global Data Services (GDS)

Database Backup

Database Cloning

Database Patching

Database Upgrade

Database Monitoring

Database Performance

Database In-Memory

Database Security

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


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