Pass One Exam, get Three Oracle Database Cloud Certifications


Oracle Cloud is not the future! It is the future and already the presence. Actually is it already there for many years now. Everyday more and more workloads are moving to the Oracle Cloud. No surprise when we look at all the benefits of automation, high availability, and security. I already talked about the benefits in detail in a previous blog.

If you are an Oracle DBA or Oracle Database Developer, I’m quite sure, sooner or later, and very probably sooner than you think, you’d have to deal with Oracle Databases in the Oracle Cloud. If you didn’t start doing this already, start NOW!

Learning new things by preparing for a certification exam have some nice benefits and side effects:

  • You have a learning path to follow. The content is well prepared and of high quality (mostly)
  • You have one more reason to learn, which is passing the exam. You are more motivated
  • Getting the certification serves as portable proof of ability and might improve your career opportunities

Oracle Database Cloud Service 2020 Certified Specialist

This is the certification for Oracle Database Cloud Services:

To get it, you have to pass this one exam:

The exam topics focus on Oracle Cloud databases on Virtual and Bare Metal machines, the basics of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Networking, and using the OCI CLI and dbcli command line tools. Things you’d really need to know in your daily business when dealing with Oracle Cloud databases.

Exam Preparation

I used following sources for the exam preparation:

I only can encourage you get hands-on experience as much as possible. If you don’t have any access to an Oracle Cloud tenancy, sign up for an Always Free account. Even though DBCS databases are not part of the Always Free resources, you have US$300 in free credits in the first 30 days. You can use them to launch your DBCS instances. Stop or even terminate them when not needed to save credits. (Re)provisioning them is just a matter of few clicks. Automate these tasks by using the cli, and get the hands-on experience at the same time.

Another option is to use LiveLabs. Choose “Run on LiveLabs” to get access to a Cloud environment.

First Certification

After passing the exam, you’ll earn the Oracle Database Cloud Service 2020 Certified Specialist Certification:

Second and Third Certification

This is the extra bonus! As Oracle DBA or Developer, and as you have continued reading 😉 you are interested in learning and certifications and you are aware of their value. Very probably you already have earned further Oracle Database certifications in the past 🙂

If you are already Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate, then you’ll automatically get the Oracle Database Cloud Administrator 2020 Certified Associate Certification after passing the exam.

And if you are already Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional, then you’ll automatically get the Oracle Database Cloud Administrator 2020 Certified Professional Certification after passing the exam.


Technology is evolving every day. Keep your knowledge up to date. Even though I have been working with Oracle Cloud databases for almost 2 years now, every day (and night), I learned many new things I wasn’t aware of.

Never Stop Learning!

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