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A Java Example for Oracle Application Continuity with Oracle RAC

Introduction Oracle Application Continuity hides database interruptions from end-users and applications. A simple test using SQL*Plus was discussed in this blog post. However, SQL*Plus is usually not your real application that will be used in production. Also, SQL*Plus is not a pooled application, and it’s recommended to use Connection Pools for Application Continuity. This blog…

How to Configure Object Storage Cross-Region Replication for Disaster Recovery

Introduction Oracle Cloud Object Storage is a regional service, i.e., objects are stored in a specific Oracle Cloud region. You can enable cross-region replication to automatically sync your data to a remote region for redundancy, providing protection from a regional outage. This blog post describes how to configure cross-region replication, use the replicated Object Storage…

How to create Oracle Database Services for High Availability

Introduction To use High Availability features like Fast Application Notification (FAN), Draining, and Application Continuity, you need to create a custom database service and set the high availability attributes accordingly. This is not possible when using the default database service, which is the service with the same name as the PDB. Additionally, custom database services…

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