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Using STANDBYS=NONE to create PDBs in a Data Guard environment with TDE enabled

Introduction Creating and cloning PDBs in a multitenant environment is a simple and straight forward task, also when TDE is enabled. However, in a Data Guard environment where primary and standby use their own TDE wallets, it becomes challenging. In a previous blog we discussed how creating the master encryption key on the primary PDB…

Hello Upgrade! Do you run faster in the Cloud?

Introduction A customer is having long upgrade times on-premises. As they are moving to the Cloud, I got the question whether their upgrade in the Cloud would be faster. First of all, when it comes to patching, upgrade, and migration, I can only encourage you to read the blogs by Mike Dietrich and Daniel Overby…

Database Outage? Who cares???

Introduction Have you ever experienced this before? You click on “Book Now” for a trip or a hotel reservation, but get “an unknown error has occurred”, or even no feedback at all? You are ultimately torn between packing your bags and repeating the booking process.To avoid such situations, Application Continuity is there. By the way,…

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