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Part 5/5: Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) – Physical Offline Migration using RMAN

Introduction ZDM uses RMAN to perform an offline physical migration. It backs up the source database and instantiates a new database from this backup to the target environment. This is similar to cloning a database. The target database has no relationship to the source, so there is no data synchronization or fallback capability. No SQL*Net…

Part 4/5: Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) – Physical Online Migration using Data Guard

Introduction ZDM uses Oracle Data Guard to perform an online physical migration. This means: it backs up the source database, instantiates a standby database from this backup to the target environment, configures Data Guard to synchronize the source and target databases, and finally switches over to the target database. ZDM allows you to pause the…

Blockchain Table in Oracle Database 19.10 and 19.11 – How and what to Consider!

Introduction Oracle Blockchain Table was initially introduced in release version 20c (preview only) and later in 21c, but the feature has been backported and is now available in version 19c as well. Blockchain tables are insert-only tables that provide a highly tamper-resistant persistence option. The rows are chained by storing the previous row’s hash in…

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