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What’s new in OCI and Oracle Database Cloud Services

Introduction Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is evolving every day! New features are being released, existing ones are being extended, and new data centers are being launched. More automation, more flexibility, and more capabilities to provide a better user experience, higher availability, and increased security to Oracle’s customers and partners. One frequently asked question is where…

How to use Customer-Managed TDE Encryption Keys on VM DB Systems in Oracle Cloud

Introduction Oracle Databases in Oracle Cloud use Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) by default to protect data at rest. The default configuration “Oracle-Managed Keys” stores the master encryption keys in a wallet file locally on the database servers. Now, Oracle also supports the integration with the OCI Vault Service for VM DB Systems, where you are able…

How to measure Network Latency for Oracle Data Guard Replication

Introduction Oracle Data Guard replicates data from the primary to one or multiple standby databases for high availability and disaster recovery. The decision to transfer the redo synchronously or asynchronously depends on your RTO and RPO. Synchronous redo transport provides zero data loss and lower recovery time, but your application needs to wait until the…

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