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Ensure Zero Data Loss at any Distance by using Oracle Data Guard Far Sync

Introduction Oracle Data Guard enables you to transport the redo to the standby database synchronously to ensure zero data loss. However, when the standby database is geographically too far, the latency becomes higher, impacting the commit response time and the transaction throughput at the primary database. Oracle Active Data Guard Far Sync can ensure zero…

Learn Something New in Oracle Cloud Every Day

Starting with four commercial regions, Oracle Cloud has grown to 36 commercial regions in the last few years. And more to come. Additional services and features are being continuously released. In 2022, there were 462 new release notes. This is more than one release note per day. Oracle Databases in OCI got 42 release notes.…

Your Options for Multicloud Network Connectivity

Introduction In previous blog posts, we talked about the benefits and considerations of multicloud. As cross-cloud network connectivity is a crucial part of multicloud deployments, this blog post discusses the options to connect Oracle Cloud to other Public Clouds. It highlights their latency, bandwidth, availability, reliability, costs, and more characteristics. Site-to-Site IPsec VPN Site-to-site Virtual…

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