Learn Something New in Oracle Cloud Every Day

Starting with four commercial regions, Oracle Cloud has grown to 36 commercial regions in the last few years. And more to come. Additional services and features are being continuously released. In 2022, there were 462 new release notes. This is more than one release note per day.

Oracle Databases in OCI got 42 release notes. However, if you dig deeper and look into the “What’s New” pages of the different Oracle Database cloud services, you will see that there have been 165 new features and enhancements in 2022. And guess what database service got the most? Sure, it’s Oracle’s flagship, the Autonomous Database:

As a passionate learner, bookmark the above pages and learn something new every day. 2023 just started, and it won’t last long until the next new feature is released.

Happy new year and happy learning!

Learning Resources

Learn more about Oracle Cloud and Oracle Database by using the following resources:

Learning Environments

Oracle LiveLabs provides access to around 700 workshops to run within your own or in an Oracle-owned tenancy for you to use for free. And for sure, with the new year, there will be new workshops.

OCI Cloud Free Tier provides you a 30-day free trial with US$ 300 in free credits and always free services that you can use for an unlimited time.

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